Urban Wanderer

British born Joseph Nile Lau is a filmmaker and photographer. He’s also the founder and creative director in the newly founded, Article Dept., a multi-faceted creative atelier. Joseph’s work has graced the Bible of fashion WWD, as well as WGSN, Highsnobiety Magazine and most recently in Highsnobiety’s anticipated book, ‘The Incomplete Guide To Street Fashion and Culture’ by Gestalten International Publishing House.

He has also captured a growing list of some of the most sought-after brands such as, Carhartt WIP, New Balance, and Vetements to name a few. Joseph Nile infuses subtle moody nuances, using colour and light to invoke a heighten sense of raw emotional attachment and story into his distinct imagery that can be found across his body of work.

Joseph Nile Lau — Ghosts

“Being able to make work into travel and using that opportunity to capture moments in time lets me analyse what I’m trying to say, creatively.”

Fabrik: Do you have any system for your travels? Do you go where your work takes you or have a masterplan about places and countries to visit and see?

Joseph Nile Lau — Ghosts
Joseph Nile Lau — One Week
Joseph Nile Lau — One Week

“The streets is where I get to be the most curious. It may sound odd but I’m not particularly interested in capturing beautiful scenery when it presents itself.”

Joseph Nile Lau — Overdose Paris — White Trash
Joseph Nile Lau — Carthartt WIP
Joseph Nile Lau — Adidas
Joseph Nile Lau — Highsnobiety — Jammer BBK
Joseph Nile Lau — Maya Li
Joseph Nile Lau — Highsnobiety — Ian Connor
Joseph Nile Lau — Blood Brother

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