The Future of Creativity

Creativity is valuable

Through the ages advancements in technology have revolutionised our societies, communities and every facet of the way we live, but the value our society places on creativity has remained constant. Uniquely, creativity provides both the ideation behind technical advancements, and the results of what we achieve with those advancements — shaping cultural evolution from either end of the progress bar. Paving the way for what we’ll be dreaming up, and spending our time on next.

The future is automated

A recent report concluded that, in Japan, up to 49% of all jobs could be automated. Similar research has found lower figures in the UK (at 35%), and in the US (at 47%), primarily because many jobs that are prone to automation have already begun to be tasked to machines here.

Creativity will be assisted

What we’ll create in the future is dictated by the availably of the tools we can use, and the opportunities we’ll be given to use them. So how do we deal with automation? When the camera on your phone decides which shot is best, and can actually deliver on it’s logic, where does your value come into the equation?

Phil Schiller, iPhone 11 Keynote
Nicolas Winding Refn, Too Old To Die Young

Communication is universal

We can reach anyone, at any time.

The way we showcase our work has been upgraded.

We can show you what we’re doing whilst we’re doing it with Stories. We leave behind the highlights in our Posts, our Articles and our Reels. We tidy up, trim, sharpen and polish the fruits of our ideas and our labours into the pages of our Portfolios.

The way we showcase our work has been decentralised.

We’re fighting for the right to display our craft against the power of popularity. Exposure is quantifiable; it has value, and i’ll guarantee you that the hundreds of hours you spent getting that project perfect will be upstaged by a cute dog. The value of your craft isn’t critically appraised. The meaning in your work isn’t explored. It’s you versus Kim or you with Kim, honey.

The way we showcase our work has been diluted.

The internet grew from a place of action. Creators created, creators shared, creators appreciated. Mutual respect and collaboration created opportunities and encouraged all kinds of artists with marginalised and mainstream identities working side by side in the pursuit of creating interesting, remarkable work. Attention was directed towards the new, the interesting and the unique.

Lois Van Baarle, Ambrosial

The future of Creativity

We created Fabrik to address this imbalance by adopting a business model that puts you first. We thrive when you thrive, and our success is guaranteed by sharing your work, growing your exposure — because we have something that nobody else does — you.

About Fabrik

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