Movement In Times Of Stillness

In these challenging times, when the world feels like it’s coming to a standstill, it’s crucial to keep on moving. There’s an undeniable therapeutic force to it, powering through in the face of adversity, or just keeping busy as a means of growing and learning.

Some may argue that there is a correlation between stress and creativity. However, it’s important to point out that the quality of stress may differ significantly: it’s another thing to feel the pressure against a deadline and a whole different story to deal with anxiety, or a force majeure.

Let’s not forget some everlasting teachings here: Situations happen and and then cease to exist. Markets will go up and down. Jobs may fluctuate for a little while. Now is the time to focus on the work, on our ideas and on our aspirations.

Here are six little nudges to get you started, and please do share with us any tips that keep you inspired during these times.

Illustration by David Vanadia

1. Work on that idea you always thought about pursuing

2. Learn a new skill

Illustration by Esther Lalanne

3. Remember, we may all soon return to our busy lifestyles

Illustration by Sarah Martin

4. Change the perspective

Illustration by Amy Liu

5. Start building a library of inspiration, trends and ideas for the year ahead and further

Illustration by Nicolae Negura

6. Update your portfolio

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David Vanadia
Esther Lalanne
Sarah Martin
Amy Liu
Evgenia Chuvardina
Nicolae Negura

Cover Photo:
Neels Castillon