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  • Matthew Goder Dent

    Matthew Goder Dent

    Co-Founder & Creative at Dent International. Football / Sports / Fashion / Culture

  • Jonathan Berkey

    Jonathan Berkey

    Curious by nature, lover of media and motion design, product design lead working in emerging tech #AR #MR and creator of @floqphotoapp

  • Riccardo Albertini

    Riccardo Albertini

  • Milosz Lodowski

    Milosz Lodowski

    CD at NewRebel & http://MxM360.com, Rebelya.pl, Do Rzeczy OnLine, Architekt, Designer, Creative Rebel from Cracow, Smokauer Foreva

  • PJ Gal-Szabo

    PJ Gal-Szabo

    Filmmaker in the desert. Prone to making music.

  • Rex Louis Leybourne

    Rex Louis Leybourne

    Facial Technical Artist & Moedit lady at @ImaginariumUK Always trying to diet, dachshund wanting, tea & coffee drinking, geek, awkward & tall. @ThatMocapGirl!

  • Chris Brock

    Chris Brock

    I’m the author of “Shine Manifesto” and “Do The Thing, Have The Power”. I write about finding your peace in an overwhelming world. http://www.chrisbrock.uk

  • Blink


    Live action, Art, Animation, Music Videos + More http://WWW.BLINKPRODS.COM http://WWW.BLINKART.CO.UK http://WWW.COLONELBLIMP.COM http://WWW.BLINKINK.CO.UK

  • Nice Tree Films

    Nice Tree Films

    Outnumbered 10 to 1 by microbes, obsessed with all filmy stuff. http://facebook.com/NiceTreeFilms/… http://vimeo.com/nicetreefilms

  • Rik Lomas

    Rik Lomas

    Founder of SuperHi. Interested in startups, education and tech. And cats. Email: rik@superhi.com

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