A Vision of Melancholy

Andres Marti is a Photographer and Creative Artist. This is his Fabrik.

Andres Marti is a photographer and creative artist residing in Bogotá, Colombia. He is Co-founder and Director of the Laboratorio de Imagen Comes Cake, where he has had the opportunity to work with different brands, artists and foundations such as Nike, Fuji-Film, Indiebo, U = U, Aterciopelados and Esteman.

“I know that my work is an aesthetic action that is loaded with signs and symbols. These are communicated through my intuition every time I finish an image. They are like dreams or visions that are cloudy but they leave a feeling in the spectator. I seek through my work, to be able to grasp how immaterial that feeling is.”

Fabrik: We love that your portfolio contains a combination of creative elements. Is there a particular field you enjoy the most? What is your process when deciding on and amalgamating different elements?

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