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Andres Marti is a Photographer and Creative Artist. This is his Fabrik.

Andres Marti is a photographer and creative artist residing in Bogotá, Colombia. He is Co-founder and Director of the Laboratorio de Imagen Comes Cake, where he has had the opportunity to work with different brands, artists and foundations such as Nike, Fuji-Film, Indiebo, U = U, Aterciopelados and Esteman.

In his latest personal photographic series titled “Otredad” (Otherness), you can see hints of Baroque and Romanticism. The work relates to days that one is understood as a whole and other days where that whole is fragmented.

His camera has framed self-portraits, but most of these images are of his friends…

Esther Lalanne is an Illustrator. This is her Fabrik.

Esther Lalanne is a visual artist living in London. She takes on illustration works as a freelancer, and directs animated short films and commercials.

Focusing on the representation of bodies and identities, her playful and whimsical world takes inspiration in everyday life and relationships. Her love for animation brings her to create highly lively characters and a strong sense of movement and narration.

We took the time to get to know Esther and this is what she had to say.

Iness Rychlik is a Photographer. This is her Fabrik.

Iness Rychlik is a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in historical drama. Despite her severe myopia, she has been dedicated to visual storytelling for over a decade.

Iness graduated with First Class Honours in Film from Screen Academy Scotland. Set in Victorian London, her final-year film ‘The Dark Box’ follows an unhappily married woman, who pursues photography to escape from her oppressive relationship. ‘The Dark Box’ premiered at Camerimage, where Iness received a Golden Tadpole nomination for her cinematography. Most recently, she shot and directed two mini-documentaries about art for the BBC Scotland.

Rychlik is recognised for…

In these challenging times, when the world feels like it’s coming to a standstill, it’s crucial to keep on moving. There’s an undeniable therapeutic force to it, powering through in the face of adversity, or just keeping busy as a means of growing and learning.

Some may argue that there is a correlation between stress and creativity. However, it’s important to point out that the quality of stress may differ significantly: it’s another thing to feel the pressure against a deadline and a whole different story to deal with anxiety, or a force majeure.

Let’s not forget some everlasting teachings here: Situations happen and and then cease to exist. Markets will go up and down. Jobs may fluctuate for a little while. Now is the time to focus on the work, on our ideas and on our aspirations.

Here are six little nudges to get…

Born in a tiny southern town in Russia, Aks Huckleberry is a young filmmaker and a portrait photographer, who spent her most formative years in London. She prefers not to be based anywhere right now; continuously moving from one destination to another.

Late last year we partnered with Ello to launch an initiative to support new talent through a series of grants aimed at helping creatives advance their art and craft. Aks is the final Hero from our three first year grant winners and we’re excited to catch up with her to take a closer look at what inspires her and the process behind her work.

“These are not voyages to go to as many places or to take as many pictures but rather to see the loved ones and have time to reflect.”

A very brief teaser on a very complex subject. Fabrik’s co-founder Tim Jarvis outlines his mission statement on the future of creativity and how to thrive in the automated creative industries.

Creativity is valuable

Through the ages advancements in technology have revolutionised our societies, communities and every facet of the way we live, but the value our society places on creativity has remained constant. Uniquely, creativity provides both the ideation behind technical advancements, and the results of what we achieve with those advancements — shaping cultural evolution from either end of the progress bar. …

Earlier this year, we partnered with Ello to launch an initiative to support new talent, through a series of grants aimed at helping them advance their art and craft. Three winners were amongst the first recipients of the grant and we are more than happy to catch up with them and take a closer look at what inspires them and the process behind the work.

Milica Golubović is a visual artist and illustrator. She creates poetic digital imagery with focus on atmosphere, color and texture, and draws inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean seaside and everyday life in general. She has exhibited solo and participated in over 70 group exhibitions, both local and international, and has received multiple awards for her illustration work.

Her work has been covered in a variety of press outlets, including Fubiz, DesignSponge and IllustrationAge among others and she is the recipient of multiple international awards.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Ello to launch an initiative to support new talent, through a series of grants aimed at helping them advance their art and craft. Three winners were amongst the first recipients of the grant and we are more than happy to catch up with them and take a closer look at what inspires them and the process behind the work.

We kick off the series with Scott Balmer, the talented illustrator and one of the three recipients of Fabrik’s Artist Grant for 2019.

Scott is an illustrator who is currently based up in Scotland, United Kingdom. He sees himself as a person who solves problems of the visual nature and has being doing so since graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art & Design. Whether it be towering monoliths or conceptual spot illustrations, no illustrative design problem is too small.

He has produced artwork for numerous clients and galleries from around the world, from Magazines to Newspapers, Conceptual works…

Shaun James Grant is one of those artists’ whose career span is impressively jaw-dropping but they don’t quite seem to notice it. A quick look at his portfolio reveals a string of brands and stars gracing his lens — whether it’s for still or moving frames.

He has worked with NFL, Nike, Superdry and i-D among others, while his films and music promos for artists such as Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre stand out for the intimacy as well as the sensitive subjects they touch, respectively.

With a distinct style infused with grainy shots and yellow undertones, Shaun aims to capture the emotion and the aura of his subjects and he sure succeeds in it. Here’s a quick glimpse onto his world and thoughts.

British born Joseph Nile Lau is a filmmaker and photographer. He’s also the founder and creative director in the newly founded, Article Dept., a multi-faceted creative atelier. Joseph’s work has graced the Bible of fashion WWD, as well as WGSN, Highsnobiety Magazine and most recently in Highsnobiety’s anticipated book, ‘The Incomplete Guide To Street Fashion and Culture’ by Gestalten International Publishing House.

He has also captured a growing list of some of the most sought-after brands such as, Carhartt WIP, New Balance, and Vetements to name a few. Joseph Nile infuses subtle moody nuances, using colour and light to invoke a heighten sense of raw emotional attachment and story into his distinct imagery that can be found across his body of work.

You’ll probably see Joseph around with a camera in its hands, capturing the urban life in all the corners of the world. From Japan to his native Britain, he’s seeking to uncover all the possible narratives behind each frame. …


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